Five Opportunities That Come With A New Home Plumbing Project

29 August 2023
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Plumbing can be one of the worst parts of home ownership. If you're planning a new home plumbing project, though, there is a great opportunity to avoid or at least mitigate some of the biggest headaches. Homeowners should take advantage of these five opportunities.

Whole-House Filtration

Many regions have slight issues with the water. This doesn't affect your ability to consume the water, but it might affect how the soap works in your laundry. Also, many mass treatment products include chlorine. You can filter the water and eliminate chemicals and minerals that may affect the water's taste or usefulness. Even better, a new home plumbing services contractor can install a whole-home system so you'll have filtered water everywhere.

Optimizing the Bathroom and Kitchen

Your home's bathroom and kitchen are by far the biggest users of plumbing. You can use new plumbing work to optimize the layout of the bathroom and kitchen. This includes deciding where the sinks, toilet, and shower will be. Also, you can optimize pipe placement to maximize maintainability.


There are numerous opportunities for a new home plumbing system to be more efficient. You can install sensors to turn off running water. Low-flow toilets and faucets can reduce consumption. A tankless water heater will keep your gas bill down. You can even include a graywater recycling system to reuse dishwater for irrigation or flushing.

Insulation also improves efficiency. If you opt for a hot water tank over a tankless system, insulation can reduce gas or electric consumption. Also, insulated lines will lose less heat and be less likely to freeze.


You want your plumbing system to have enough capacity to meet your household's needs at all times. You can plan the hot water tank capacity around peak expected usage. This might mean assuming that the laundry will be running while someone does dishes and someone else takes a shower. Purchase a tank with the necessary capacity to ensure you'll never go without.

Outdoor Connections

Most people use at least a few outdoor water connections. If you want sprinklers for your landscaping, a new home plumbing services provider can run the lines now. This is also a good time to run lines if you ever expect to install a pool or hot tub. You can also plan convenient locations for outdoor faucets for gardening or washing vehicles. Even if you don't intend to use these connections immediately, you will be glad they're present when the time comes.