4 Common Causes Of Garbage Disposal Malfunctions

30 March 2021
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Some plumbing problems are easy for homeowners to handle, while others should be managed by a professional local plumber. One example is a malfunctioning garbage disposal. Usually, this device functions with no trouble for many years but eventually stops working effectively or breaks down altogether.

Sometimes an old unit can be fixed, while in other instances a plumber must replace it. If repair work costs more than half as much as a new installation, replacing the appliance makes sense.


Leaks cause water to drip into the cabinetry beneath the disposal. This issue commonly develops gradually because of vibration as the device breaks down food. The plumber may replace mounting screws or a gasket, or tighten the connections. 

Problems Caused by Behavior

If it looks as though someone in the household caused the problem, the plumber can provide tips on preventing this from happening again. The behavior of a home's residents is a common reason plumbers are called to fix the disposal.

Broken Blades

For instance, the blades should never break unless someone attempted to grind up a hard object like a chicken or steak bone. Fruit pits and hard nut shells also do not belong in the unit. Unfortunately, a broken blade often means the disposal must be replaced. It's actually best to keep even the smallest poultry and fish bones out of this device. They dull the blades.

Decreased Grinding Ability and Clogged Drains

In addition, the fatty material attached to bones can reduce the grinding ability and clog the drain. Homeowners should avoid sending grease and any other fatty substances into the device. Meat, skin, and fat should be placed in the trash can. Oily pans can be wiped off instead of rinsing the grease down the sink. 

Seized Motor

When the disposal quits working, sometimes this is because the motor has seized. Household residents may have caused this problem by trying to dispose of fibrous, stringy foods that wrap around the blades instead of being ground up. Examples include fresh pumpkin, celery, rhubarb, and asparagus. The strings and husks from fresh corn should never be sent down the disposal. 

A plumber solves this problem by using special tools to break up the blockage. When household residents try to do this, they may damage the unit. In addition, continuing attempts to run the device when the motor is jammed can cause it to burn out. Now the appliance must be replaced.

Homeowners who need garbage disposal repair service may call a local plumber to get on the schedule as soon as possible.