Why Your Bathroom Needs An Individual Linear Shower Drainage

10 February 2021
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Linear shower drains are more practical than traditional drains because they allow the floor to be even. They are long and rectangular-shaped and are most suited to tiled bathrooms.  Linear shower drainage can be a modern update for a bathroom remodel or as part of an old home's re-working before a sale. They're more efficient and allow for a smoother finished look. These drains are also designed around a basket-shaped receptacle that gathers and drains your water relatively fast. 

Some premade shower pans will include a linear shower drainage basket, while others will have to be purchased individually. Individually purchased linear shower drains hold the significant advantage of having been chosen based on proven quality and durability.

They Make Your Bathroom Floors More Even 

Traditional shower drains are designed in a way that angles them at a slope. This can make the bathroom floor slanted or uneven. Not only is the unevenness visually unpleasant, but it also encourages leakage. 

Suppose you're looking to install a curbless shower. In that case, you should opt for a linear shower drain to ensure your bathroom's functionality isn't compromised by drainage occurring in all directions of the bathroom. The linear drains will pull all water in one direction, away from the rest of your flooring. 

They're Generally Easier to Clean than Traditional Drains 

The basket filters that come with linear drains catch debris before it travels further along the pipes. This prevents clogs by stopping residue accumulation from forming large blocks in your drain. The latter can cause drain damage and lead it to overflow. 

The lack of a curb in the drain's design also means there are fewer grout lines and edges to clean in the drain itself. This can eliminate problems of smelly or dirty drains and the professional care they might require in the long run. 

Linear Drains Allow for a Modern Tile Setting 

Traditional drains require the tiles used on the floor to be relatively small to allow for the necessary curbing. On the other hand, linear shower drainage provides for the installation of much larger tiles, up to 24". This modern tile setting can also make the bathroom cleanup process more comfortable by reducing the grout lines and the cemented, edgy gaps in between the tiles. The modern tile designs also have generally smoother surfaces and can feel more comfortable to bare feet. 

Linear shower drainage is practical, efficient, and compatible with modern bathroom designs. These drains will allow you to pick whatever tile pattern and size you prefer, regardless of their size. They will also eliminate the unevenness that generally surrounds drains in bathrooms and can make you trip on the way to the shower. For more information, contact a company like Du-West Foundation Repair.