3 Post-Installation Septic Tank Services Your System Will Need

18 January 2021
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Cost-effectiveness and being environmentally-friendly are some top advantages of having a septic tank system. That said, installing the system is only the first step towards enjoying these benefits. By using post-installation septic tank services, you can look forward to getting the most out of your system.

What are these septic tank services, and why do you need them? Here is a brief walk-through of these services.

1. Guide on the Do's and Don'ts of Everyday Use

Professional septic tank services companies will give you a detailed description of what you should or shouldn't do to ensure your system performs smoothly and lasts longer. Be sure to ask the professionals any questions you may have before using your new system.

Some of these do's include being water-wise and ensuring that water from the roof and elsewhere drains as far away as possible from your system's drainfield. You should not flush wipes or anything other than toilet paper and waste into your system. Avoid draining chemicals into your system and parking on your drainfield.

2. System Maintenance

One of the major septic tank services has everything to do with ensuring that your system is properly taken care of and well-maintained. Being consistent with the do's and don'ts highlighted is a big part of your system's care.

Similarly, you should schedule regular septic tank pump-outs for your system. The frequency will depend on, among other factors, how many users the system serves, how frequently it is used, and the capacity of the septic tank. Septic tanks are cleaned thoroughly after the pump-out.

3. Timely Repairs

Several things can cause damage to septic tanks. Root ingress is one such thing that can severely damage your septic tank or the pipes connected to the tank.

Septic tank service professionals can accurately diagnose the cause of the damage and carry out timely repairs. You may need to replace some components if the damage is severe. Any repair work for septic tanks should be done by a professional, and as such, you shouldn't try to skimp on these repairs by hiring a local handyman.

Under-one-Roof Convenience

The good news is that you can find a company offering all these septic tank services. However, you do need to do your homework and ask the right questions to help you narrow down your options. Diligence in all the areas highlighted ensures that septic tanks last longer and perform their best.