What's Wrong With Your Garbage Disposal?

15 September 2020
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A garbage disposal is a small appliance with a big job. It helps to chop and dissolve food particles and send them down the drain of your sink. The garbage disposal allows you to put items down the drain that you normally wouldn't be able to, as they would clog your drain, but the disposal chops them to tiny bits so they don't get clogged. If your garbage disposal doesn't work properly, these larger scraps of food can get trapped either in the disposal or in your drain, both of which can cause a problem for you. If your disposal isn't working, you need to figure out what's wrong with it. Read on for a few troubleshooting tips.

Do You Have Power?

If the disposal isn't turning on, it may be because you don't have any power to this small appliance. If you don't have power, you won't hear any noise at all coming from beneath your sink. If, when you flip the switch to the disposal, you don't hear a sound, make sure the appliance has power by going to your breaker box first and then checking to be sure the wiring is not frayed or disconnected. If you still don't have any power, check that the switch or the outlet has power going to it. 

Do You Hear Any Noises At All?

If you can hear some noises coming from the disposal, but it just isn't working properly, it may be an issue with the motor or you could have something clogged in the disposal. Disconnect the power to the appliance and then reach inside to feel around for something that could be stuck inside. A fork or something could be stuck inside, or it could be a hard food item that shouldn't have been put in it as well. Remove the clog and test it again. If there wasn't anything clogged in the appliance, it may be the motor. Remove the housing on the disposal to give you access to the motor and inspect it. If the motor appears corroded, you spot an issue with the wiring inside, or anything appears burned, you may need to replace the entire disposal. If you aren't sure, hire a garbage disposal repairman for help with the repair or the replacement.

Your garbage disposal is a small appliance that helps out a great deal in your home. Don't go without your appliance; hire a professional business, such as Ken Rentmeister Plumbing, to repair this appliance for you to ensure it is done properly.