Water Heater Problems That Will Come Up And What To Do About Them

15 September 2020
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Water heaters are capable of heating water in households, which is key for things like showers, baths, and washing clothes. Older units have a tendency of experiencing issues. Several things could go wrong, but it's important to know how to respond to these complications in particular.


Leaks are pretty problematic for older water heaters, especially if you don't notice the leak right away. A lot of water could flood the surrounding area and then lead to an expensive cleanup. You can limit this by staying aware of the presence of leaks. 

Each time you walk past the water heater, go ahead and check for leaks. They can happen around the connections and valves. If leaking is happening around the connections, you can probably just tighten them. However, if the valves are causing the leaking, they may need to be replaced by a water heater repair contractor.

Faulty Burner

A water heater can work just fine if its burners are also working great. It might not always perform great, but that's okay if you're aware of a couple of potential problems. The issue could be just that the vent in your water heater got dirty, in which case you just need to give it a thorough clean.

Or there could be a problem with the thermocouple. Its role is to shut off the heater if the pilot light goes out. Sometimes it can act up and affect the burner. If this is the case, a repair technician needs to look at this component to see what repair options there are. 

Dirty Water

If your water heater is firing on all cylinders, then the water coming in your household should be clean. If it's not and it's actually a dark brown color, that usually means corrosion has occurred inside the tank. Really the only thing to do in this situation is to find a new water heater. 

When doing so, you'll want to hire a water heater repair contractor. They can recommend models and get the one you select installed according to the right protocol. That takes the installation stress off your plate.

There aren't many more important appliances for residential properties today than the water heater. They are pivotal but also susceptible to various issues. If you stay mindful of potential complications and find skilled repair contractors when complex problems do arise, you won't have to go without hot water for long.