How to Keep Your Pipes Clear with Hydro Jetting

24 August 2020
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When it comes to plumbing, many homeowners don't think much about what's going on in their pipes until a problem develops. However, with regular maintenance care, like hydro jetting, you can potentially avoid ever having a major blockage ever again. Here's how this simple procedure can help you to break up current blockages and avoid new ones, too.

Removing Basic Blockages

Hydro jetting is a technique where water is pushed through a tube at extremely high velocities and pressure levels. When inserted into a pipe, it can tear away and blast away anything that's in the way, pushing it down the pipe to where it will no longer be an issue. Since it only uses plain water, it makes for a much healthier and safer fix for plumbing issues than relying on things like chemical drain cleaners.

Cleaning Pipe Walls

Something that hydro jetting excels at cleaning the pipe walls. This is extremely important to maintaining your pipe's functionality and preventing future clogs from developing. When a pipe is plunged or otherwise cleared, it doesn't necessarily address the walls of the pipe. These walls tend to get covered in things like dead skin, food oil, and small particles of debris. Initially, this won't cause any issues for your pipes. However, the sticky nature of the walls of the pipes will make it easier for foreign matter to get stuck to the walls and start building a new blockage. This is part of the reason why you may end up with a blockage soon after having your most recent one cleared if you rely on chemical cleaners, simple plunging, or using a plumbing snake.

Clearing Deep Blockages

Another issue that homeowners sometimes face is that when they plunge a pipe, it moves the blockage further down the pipe instead of actually getting rid of it. Initially, this will likely make your plumbing run more smoothly. This is because the blockage has been broken up and may have more space for water and small bits of debris to squeeze through as a result. However, if this stuff isn't addressed, it can cause a future blockage further down the pipe that may be out of your reach.

Hydro jetting, however, can reach these deep-down clogs. This is not only because the tube that's used to send the water through the pipe is long and able to navigate tight turns found in pipes, but also because the stream itself reaches even farther, pushing the clog out and into the sewer line where it'll be out of your way for good.