Why Drain Jetting Is A Good Idea

8 July 2020
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Hydro jetting or drain jetting, as it is commonly called, is becoming a more and more common way to clean out both residential and industrial plumbing systems. Just in case you are not familiar with this technique, it basically involves using high-pressure water to clean out your pipes and plumbing system. You can think of it as a bit like pressure washing for the insides of your plumbing system. No matter how you think of it, however, this highly effective method offers a number of unique benefits. 

Powerful Cleaning

Jetting is a high-pressure and high-power method of cleaning. In fact, no other methods can really match the power and precision of jetting. The strength and force of the water can clear out any line or pipe, no matter how massive the clog or other obstruction.

Furthermore, unlike other common methods of drain or pipe cleaning, it doesn't just remove clogs. It also removes the residue and build-up which clogs leave behind. This residue has been known to eventually lead to more clogs and more problems, so removing both the clog and what it leaves behind via jetting is the most effective way to fully combat all problems with your drain, pipe, or line.


Because jetting targets both the clog or other problems and the residue, its effects are much more long-lasting than other types of cleaning.

With a basic cleaning to remove clogs, the residue is left behind. It's then free to build up again and leave you with the very same problem that you faced in the first place. With jetting, on the other hand, both the problem and its source are removed, which means that you get results that are much more long-lasting.

This is not to say that jetting makes it so that you never have to clean out your system again, but you can typically go for much longer between cleanings than you would with other methods. Plus, an experienced professional can get you set up on a regular and correct jetting schedule to provide maximum benefit to your system.


Given the powerful and proven effects of jetting, you might think that this process is very expensive. However, it's actually fairly reasonably priced, with costs varying depending on the size and severity of your job.

Also, when you take into consideration that this cleaning method lasts a lot longer than other options, such as snaking, you end up with a great deal.

All in all, jetting is truly a wonderful option. Thus, as you look into getting your pipes cleaned out, definitely give this newer and more advanced cleaning method some serious consideration. You'll be glad you did.