Diagnosing Problems With Your Well And Well Pump

6 May 2020
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Homes that have a well on the property to provide domestic water depend on the well and system to work correctly, and when they don't, determining why there is no water coming from the well can be difficult. Hiring a well company to come to diagnose the problem is the most efficient way to determine where the problem lies and how best to fix it.

Dry Well

The possibility that the well is no longer producing water is one that you need to consider, though it is the most unlikely reason for you to have no water from the well suddenly. If you live in an area that is in drought conditions, losing the well is possible, but if it is a drilled well, your water should be coming from a below-ground aquifer, not from the surface. 

Sometimes a well will stop producing water because of a shift in the ground that causes the vein that fills the well to close off completely. If that is the case, the solution is often to drill a new well or to try to reopen the drain using a technique called hydraulic fracking. 

The process involves adding water and dry ice to the well, then putting a pressure cap on the well casing and allowing the pressure from the reaction inside the well to fracture the rock and reopen the vein. Sometimes this works very well, and other times it does not, but talk to your well company about the possibility of it if your well is drying up. 

Bad Pump

The pump in the well can eventually stop working, and while there may still be water in the well, you may not be getting water to the house. The result is no water from the well, but the cause is not a lack of water, but a lack of a way to move the water. 

The well company will pull the pump out of the well and replace the pump if it is no longer working, but before they take the time to remove the pump, they will want to check a few other things. The breaker that feeds the pump, the wiring, and any switches in the systems all need to be checked before pulling the pump. 

Removing the pump from the well is a big job and can be an expensive repair, so if you are going to consider it, make sure that there is nothing on the surface that could be causing the pump not to run. If everything else is eliminated, pull the pump, check it for damage and replace it with a new pump. 

Contact a well company in your area if you're having problems with no water from your well.