How To Break Up A Toilet Clog Without Plunging

20 May 2017
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Realizing that a toilet isn't flushing properly can fill anyone with dread, but if coupled with the realization that you don't have access to a toilet plunger, it can incite panic. While every household should have a toilet plunger for situations like these, if you find yourself without one, there is still a way to clear the toilet. Read on to learn how you can clear most common clogs without a toilet plunger.

Clear Excess Paper

Your very first step isn't necessarily pleasant, but it's necessary: you must remove all excess paper from the bowl. If there's still toilet paper visible, it needs to go. The reason for this is that you need direct access to the clog, without anything getting in the way.

The best way to go about this is to put on a pair of dishwashing gloves and to carefully reach in and remove the excess paper. Try to avoid reaching more deeply than your gloves cover to keep your hands and arms clean. Once the excess paper is out, you're ready for the next step.

Bucket Technique

This technique calls for a bucket of some kind that can hold a good amount of water in it. The bigger the container, the better, but typically a bathroom garbage can will work. Empty out the container and fill it to the brim with water. Be careful when picking it up, as it may be slippery and heavy. Carry it to the toilet, and aim it so that when you tip it, the water will pour directly towards the hole in the toilet.

When you're ready, let it rip. Pour as fast as you can to create pressure that will push down on the toilet hole. Under no circumstances should you gradually pour or go slowly, as this won't create the necessary pressure that will force the clog down and out of the pipe.

If successful, the toilet should flush on its own as the water is being poured in. Congratulations! You just cleared the toilet without a plunger.

Flush To Finish

Before you call it a day, make sure to flush the toilet one more time before you leave the bathroom. This will help to ensure that the clog is completely pushed out of the piping in the toilet and into the sewer pipe, which will prevent the next person from having the toilet not flush when they use it.

If this technique doesn't work, your clog may be too serious to be cleared by you, even with a plunger. Contact a plumber if you can't get the toilet to clear to have the pipe thoroughly cleared and all clogs removed.   

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