Four Heating Maintenance Services The Professionals Will Complete

9 February 2016
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The furnace in your home is a lifesaver during the winter. It keeps you and your family warm and cozy in your home even when the weather outside is below freezing or close to freezing. However, in order for the furnace to actually keep your family safe, you must provide maintenance to it that will prevent it from leaking harmful gases and causing fire. Here are four heating services that the professionals will complete for you that can prevent major problems:

  1. Clean the Burners: When you hire professionals for maintenance, you can be sure that they will clean the burners. This is important to do because flakes of rust that fall from the furnace often land on the burners. If this is not cleaned off, moisture will build in the furnace because the burners won't be able to process enough gas flow. This can lead to excessive rust buildup inside of the furnace, which means that you have to replace it much sooner rather than later. The burners also need to be thoroughly cleaned by professionals if you notice that the flame is not blue, but instead is yellow. A yellow flame indicates a dirty burner. 
  2. Check for Carbon Monoxide: Carbon monoxide that leaks from your furnace is dangerous and can potentially kill you if you breathe enough of it in. The professionals that come in for regular maintenance will use carbon monoxide testers to check for potential leaks. If there is a problem, the professionals will either need to replace the furnace, or they will need to fix the amount of oxygen flow that the furnace is producing. 
  3. Clean the Filter: The filter is something that you can clean on your own, but if the professionals notice that it is dirty when they are there for regular maintenance, they will clean it for you. This is important because it prevents your home from smelling like dust. When you turn the furnace on, and the filter is dirty, the air that is blowing into your home will be dirty, not good to breathe in, and unpleasant smelling.
  4. Lubricate Moving Parts: Not all furnaces will require lubrication of moving parts, but some will. If this is the case with your furnace, you can be sure that the professionals will do this. This is important because without lubrication, your furnace will burn out and need to be replaced once damage to the moving parts is done.