Making Your Pool More Energy-Efficient

1 February 2016
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Having access to your own private swimming pool can provide you with hours of entertainment and exercise. Unfortunately, the benefits of a private pool do come at a cost. It's estimated that private pool owners will spend an average of $190 maintaining their swimming pools each month.

If you want to make your own pool more affordable, increasing its energy efficiency can be beneficial. Here are three simple ways to make your private pool more energy-efficient in the future.

1. Install a swimming pool cover.

Keeping your pool covered while it is not in use can go a long way toward reducing your monthly operating costs. When left exposed to the sunlight, the water in your pool will begin to evaporate over time. This water must be replaced in order to keep your pool full enough to swim in properly.

Installing a pool cover helps to reduce evaporation rates. Since 70% of outdoor pool energy loss can be contributed to evaporation, curbing this process with a pool cover will help you save money in the future.

2. Install a timer on your pool pump.

The purpose of a pool pump is to circulate the water in your pool through the filter for cleaning. Many pool pumps run continuously, which can end up costing you a significant amount of money in electrical and other expenses. Opting to install a timer on your pool pump can eliminate wasted energy.

Timers convert your pool pump into a variable speed unit, giving you the ability to control the number of times your pool's water is pumped through the filter during any given day. Variable speed pumping can reduce your energy costs by up to 75%, allowing you to save money on pool maintenance costs in the future.

3. Use landscaping to your advantage by planting a windbreak.

A cool breeze blowing across the surface of your pool's water can lower the water temperature over time. If your pool is in an area where a breeze regularly blows, you may want to consider using landscaping to help you reduce your pool heating costs.

Planting a windbreak can not only help you maintain a warmer pool without running your pool heater as often, it can also provide you with some privacy as you enjoy time in your private pool.

Finding ways to make your pool more energy-efficient can help reduce the cost of maintaining a private swimming pool. Try installing a pool cover, pump timer, or planting a windbreak to enjoy cost savings in the future. Contact a company like Brown's Plumbing, Pumps & Spas for more information.