Install A Home Water Filtration System For Softer Fresher Tasting Water

14 January 2016
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Your municipal water supply can only do so much to purify your water. While it is safe to drink, you may be put off by the taste or smell of chlorine. Mineral deposits create hard water which makes doing dishes and laundry more difficult. There are a variety of home water filtration systems available at different levels of performance and cost. Some systems you can put in yourself while others need an experienced plumbing services company to install properly. Here are some of the popular types of filtration systems for your home.

Granulated Carbon Filters

This system is part mechanical and part chemical. Water flows over carbon granules which trap large particles in the water. The carbon removes chlorine and pesticides. The carbon granules are inexpensive and must be changed periodically to keep the filter performing efficiently.

These are some of the simplest filters you can have in your home. You can purchase a water pitcher containing a carbon filter through which the water flows so you can have a fresh drink of water. Other systems attach directly to your kitchen faucet or underneath the sink to the water supply line. These systems are easy for the homeowner to install. Carbon filters are so good at what they do that they are often included as part of other filtration systems.

Ceramic Filters

This is purely a mechanical filter. The water supply goes through a ceramic sleeve which has tiny pores in it to trap some minerals and parasites. You can install a simple ceramic filter onto your water supply yourself. The ceramic sleeve must periodically be scrubbed clean to clear out the pores. These filters often come combined with a carbon filter. Because some minerals are removed from the water, there will be a slight softening effect, too.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Filters

Ultraviolet light can kill some bacteria and viruses. This system uses UV light tubes mounted in a cylinder through which water runs. The water flows over the UV tubes and the harmful microorganisms are killed before they get to your faucet. The UV system may be combined with a ceramic and carbon filter to remove a number of unhealthy contaminates. The UV lights fade over time and need to be replaced. These systems require a plumbing company to install to adjust them to be as efficient as possible.

Copper/Zinc Filters

This filter uses granules of copper and zinc which create a chemical reaction to remove minerals and heavy metals from your water. This system also removes parasites, bacteria and chlorine. It softens the water by removing minerals. This system often comes with a carbon filter to remove pesticides and other organic contaminants in the water. A plumbing service needs to install this filter to adjust the levels of copper and zinc. Both materials need to be replace periodically to keep the filter performing optimally.

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