Is Professional Video Pipeline Inspection Necessary?

29 December 2015
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Plumbers have a wide range of tools that can help identify problems in your sewer line and get them back in working order. One of the most popular of these is video pipeline inspection. Many homeowners are trying to master this process on their own, but are running into problems. Is professional video pipeline inspection necessary or can you do it yourself?

What Is Video Pipeline Inspection?

The process of video pipeline inspection is simple: a small camera is fed into your pipe system and used to check for clogs, leaks, and other concerns. The camera is attached to a small hose, which fits down your pipe and which can be retracted with by pulling or utilizing a mechanical crank.

These systems have become a typical inspection technique for plumbers because they help them get deep into the pipe system and eliminate a lot of guesswork. Before, they may have had to remove multiple pipes and look at multiple systems before finding the problem.

Can It Be Done On Your Own?

Generally speaking, you can purchase your own video pipeline inspection unit and use it to check your pipes. However, these systems generally have incredible limitations. For example, most relatively inexpensive units will only be able to inspect the first few feet of your pipeline. That does very little good, unless you have a clog or break at the top of your system.

And unless you want to invest $15,000 in a professional system, you likely just wasted money on a video unit that has a very limited use. That money could have gone to a professional inspection, which costs anywhere from $100-$300.

There's also the danger of misdiagnosing a problem and performing the wrong fix. For example, you may see a clog where none exists and use expensive and corrosive clog breakers when it isn't necessary.

Why Should You Hire A Professional?

Simply put, video pipe inspection is a job that is much too complex for most people to do on their own. While you can buy your own camera system, the chances that you'll install it properly and use it to properly inspect your pipe are low. And professionals will have a much more complex and comprehensive system that will include a wider variety of tools, including:

  • High-quality cameras
  • Power generators
  • Powerful cable and winch control systems

Beyond their more powerful tools, professionals will also better understand how to use the system to diagnose problems. While you might be able to see obvious clogs, they will be able to notice smaller breaks that may cause tiny leaks. These leaks can still cause gallons of water loss every year.

So if you're interested in a video pipeline inspection, don't hesitate to a call a professional sewer line repair expert immediately. They will install their camera, search your pipes, and find any problems that may be lowering your water system's efficiency or causing severe concerns.