Things To Consider Before Choosing Portable Toilets

27 July 2015
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Are you in the process of planning an outdoor event, such as a wedding or a carnival? Is there a distinct lack of restroom facilities at your chosen venue? If you're trying to choose the best portable toilets for your guests, here are some things you should consider:

Will there be children or just adults at the event? Small children and babies will need accommodations that are different from just adults. For example, babies will need to have a changing area set aside. If there are potentially going to be many babies, you will want to have several large trash cans in this area, in order to handle diaper and baby wipe disposal. Young children who no longer wear diapers should, with the assistance of their parents, be able to use the same portable toilets as everyone else. However, you should also consider having low-profile portable sinks and hand sanitizer available for them as well. This will help to ensure that they're able to clean their hands, making the children less likely to make other people sick.

Is this a formal or informal event? Modern portable toilets can be very far from the toilets you may remember using as a child. If the event is a formal one with a limited guest list, you may want to opt for facilities that are air conditioned, lit with electricity and may even have hot and cold running water. If it is a public event where many people will need to be able to use the facilities at once, you may want to opt for just the most basic models. If a rambunctious member of the public damages these basic toilets, you will likely have fewer additional fees to pay.

Will you need handicap facilities? If your event has a relatively small guest list and you know everyone who will be attending, you may not need to make accommodations for wheelchair users. If your event allows guests to bring an unknown friend, or if it is open to the public, you should consider having one or more handicap-accessible portable toilets available. Unlike the tiny units you're probably used to, a wheelchair-friendly portable toilet has significantly more floor space, allowing a wheelchair user to easily roll in. They will also have handrails and may offer other amenities to make them easier to use.

Although you may have only ever seen one type of portable toilet, there are many different types to choose from. Picking the right one for your venue will depend on both your budget and your expected guest list. If you need help deciding, sanitation experts like Walters Portable Toilets can help you weigh the various costs and benefits of each available choice.