Central Air Conditioning May Increase Your Productivity at Home

22 July 2015
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Hesitating to get your central air conditioner repaired? Does the appliance seem more like a luxury than a necessity, and a repair bill like a waste of money? This might be the case for some individuals, but consider whether anyone in your household needs to do tasks such as working in a home office or studying for school. Optimum temperatures increase productivity.

Optimum Temperatures

Perhaps one reason you're hesitant to get the central air fixed is because your electric bills are noticeably higher during the months you run it. Instead of going without AC, consider setting the temperature on the thermostat a bit higher than you might previously have done.

A study by Cornell University found that raising an office temperature from 68 degrees to 77 degrees Fahrenheit was connected with dramatically increased productivity among the workers. Another study, this one from Japan, found that office worker productivity dropped by 2 percent for every degree in temperature above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This combination of research suggests 77 may be the best temperature for worker productivity. If you live in a region with very warm weather during certain months of the year, it can be nearly impossible to maintain that temperature level inside. 

The US Department of Energy recommends setting the thermostat to 78 degrees during the warm months when people are home. When nobody's going to be around for several hours, set the temperature higher. You'll experience utility bill savings compared with when you leave the AC set at 73 or 75 degrees all the time. 

Humidity Control

If you live in a climate where humidity is a problem, another advantage of central air is humidity control. The US Environmental Protection Agency notes that optimum indoor relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent. You can buy a dehumidifier, but capacity is limited in these products, and it likely won't solve the humidity problem in the entire house. 

Being Productive

There's a good reason that many regions in the hotter parts of the world became known for having afternoon siestas. The tradition is particularly associated with Portugal, Spain, and Latin America. Without air conditioning, it simply became too uncomfortable to work effectively, so people went home and took naps. In fact, the siesta tradition continues in many countries, mainly in non-urban areas.

If you or other people in your household need to get work-related or school projects accomplished during hot weather, getting your central air up and running again will make their tasks easier. Contact an air conditioning service such as Kook & Son Inc to describe the issue with your appliance and get estimates on repair.