Providing Portable Restrooms For An Outdoor Concert

1 July 2015
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If you own a hotel or resort and you plan on hosting a large outdoor concert for guests to enjoy, bathroom facilities will become a concern. Larger festivals involving hundreds of people will necessitate the rental of portable restrooms so your indoor facility will not be overrun with people asking to use bathrooms, and possibly disrupting guests who have booked rooms inside. Here are some ideas to keep the bathroom situation at bay so everyone coming to the concert will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds without needing to find an area inside to relieve themselves when necessary.

Consider Placement

When deciding where to place portable restrooms, you will want to make sure they are close enough for people to access without being in the way of the concert viewers. Look for an area off to the side away from the hubbub of the stage area. Do not make it too far away where people will need to walk a great deal. Keep it in view of the main concert area, but far enough that the music will not be interrupted by people walking to and from the main venue area.

It is a good idea to set up restrooms close to food and drink stands, as people often take a break from the concert to take care of hunger and elimination troubles one after another. This will help people enjoy more of the concert as the facilities will all be in one area, saving them time.

Help Odor Problems

If there are many people using the facilities during your event, you may worry about odor. This can be alleviated by placing air fresheners inside each rest room facility to help counteract any smell inside. Place some fragrant flowers in a plastic vase and set them inside each bathroom to help keep unpleasant smells away as well. 

Keep Lines Short

Do not skimp on the amount of facilities you feel you need to handle the number of participants you will have at the event. Consider renting larger facilities to keep lines short. Some portable restroom rentals are very large, holding several stalls of toilets and sinks, as well as having a mirror available for those who wish to make sure they are looking their best during the event.

If you opt for larger restrooms, you may want to hire an attendant to sit outside to make sure the people using the facilities are well-stocked with toilet paper and paper towels at all times. The attendant can also take care of any problems with non-working toilets or sinks so that the line keeps moving at a steady rate.