Winter Freezes And Your Pipes: How To Protect Your Plumbing

16 February 2021
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With the late winter weeks bringing frigid temperatures in many regions, homeowners who don't typically have to worry about frozen pipes may find themselves suddenly panicked about several days of sub-freezing temperatures. The good news is that there are some things that you can do, especially in areas that aren't typically prepared for this type of cold, to protect your home's plumbing system from freezing. Here's a look at what your plumbing contractor wants you to know to help protect your pipes. Read More 

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Gas Line Installation

8 January 2021
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If you are switching your home's heat source over to natural gas or you are building a brand new home on land you just bought, you will need to hire someone for proper gas line installation. This is not the type of task that you want to do on your own, as there is simply too much to consider and worry about. To learn more about why you need professional gas line services, you will want to spend a few minutes reading over the following: Read More 

Five Signs That Your Water Supply Lines Are Failing

15 December 2020
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You depend on your water supply lines to safely bring drinking water to every tap in your home. Eventually, though, those lines may begin to fail. Know the signs so you can schedule a repair before the damage becomes too severe. 1. Moldy Walls Mold needs moisture to grow, so if you start finding mold in areas that should be dry then it's time to consider the cause. Mold can be due to a supply line leak if it occurs under a sink, on the ceiling below a bathroom, or if there are supply lines running behind the moldy wall. Read More 

A Homeowner’s Guide To Detecting And Preventing Gas Leaks

19 November 2020
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A gas leak isn't the type of problem that you can simply ignore. The extra expense on your gas bill means very little compared to the major risk a gas leak poses. Collected gas in the home can combust easily with a single spark. This spark can occur when you do something as simple as turning on a light switch. Know the signs of a gas leak and how to prevent one so you can keep your family and your home safe. Read More 

DIY AC Maintenance Every Homeowner Needs To Do

22 October 2020
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Even as we're leaving summer and moving into the cold winter months, there are still several steps you can take to get your home's air conditioning system ready for next spring. Periodic AC maintenance is the key to ensuring that your unit runs in tip-top shape, and while there are several things that need be done professionally, there are a few items that every homeowner needs to take to do their own AC maintenance between service calls. Read More