Avoid Pricey Bathroom Remodeling With The Help Of The Right Plumber

11 December 2019
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Remodeling the bathroom can be a daunting experience due to how quickly some of the projects can add up and how much you can end up spending. While some work can be done alone, anything related to the plumbing should be left to a professional due to the difficulty in making sure that it's done right. Instead of rushing into taking care of things alone, look into the following tips that can help you find a plumber for the job that will be priced fairly for the work you want. Read More 

Tips For Dealing With A Leaky Bathroom Faucet

24 October 2019
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A bathroom faucet with a slow drip isn't a plumbing emergency, but you still want to have the drip fixed so you don't waste water. Plus, the drip will probably get worse over time and eventually spew water. Here are some tips for dealing with a leaky faucet: Find The Shut-Off Valve When your faucet is dripping, prepare in advance for an emergency by locating the shut-off valve and testing it to make sure the valve isn't frozen. Read More 

What To Expect From The Rental Company When Renting Portable Toilets

3 October 2019
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Renting portable toilets is very common; many times, outside events such as street fairs and gatherings don't have any other toilet options. When you are working with a company to rent toilets for your event, there are some things that you should ask about and services you can expect from the company providing the toilets.  Delivery and Pickup When you rent portable toilets, the company that owns them will most likely deliver them to your location. Read More 

Draining Your Water Heater: Why This One Task Can Save You Money

30 April 2018
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If there's anything you can do to save you money, wouldn't you do it? There's one task to add to your yearly home maintenance routine; it's this one - draining your water heater. By draining your water heater, you can prevent a premature breakdown of your water heater and can lengthen the life of your water heater and can ensure you have hot water on demand. Read on for instructions to drain your water heater. Read More 

Top Reasons To Replace The Plumbing When Fixing Up An Old Mobile Home

13 March 2018
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When you think about fixing up an old home, you might think about remodeling a stick-built house. However, you can sometimes get a really good deal on an old, used mobile home, which you can then fix up to live in yourself, resell for a profit, or even rent out to someone else. If this is a project that you are working on, then you may want to consider replumbing the mobile home. Read More