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Things To Consider Before Choosing Portable Toilets

Are you in the process of planning an outdoor event, such as a wedding or a carnival? Is there a distinct lack of restroom facilities at your chosen venue? If you’re trying to choose the best portable toilets for your guests, here are some things you should consider:

Will there be children or just adults at the event? Small children and babies will need accommodations that are different from just adults. For example, babies will need to have a changing area set aside. If there are potentially going to be many babies, you will want to have several large trash cans in this area, in order to handle diaper and baby wipe disposal. Young children who no longer wear diapers should, with the assistance of their parents, be able to use the same portable toilets as everyone else. However, you should also consider having low-profile portable sinks and hand sanitizer available for them as well. This will help to ensure that they’re able to clean their hands, making the children less likely to make other people sick.

Is this a formal or informal event? Modern portable toilets can be very far from the toilets you may remember using as a child. If the event is a formal one with a limited guest list, you may want to opt for facilities that are air conditioned, lit with electricity and may even have hot and cold running water. If it is a public event where many people will need to be able to use the facilities at once, you may want to opt for just the most basic models. If a rambunctious member of the public damages these basic toilets, you will likely have fewer additional fees to pay.

Will you need handicap facilities? If your event has a relatively small guest list and you know everyone who will be attending, you may not need to make accommodations for wheelchair users. If your event allows guests to bring an unknown friend, or if it is open to the public, you should consider having one or more handicap-accessible portable toilets available. Unlike the tiny units you’re probably used to, a wheelchair-friendly portable toilet has significantly more floor space, allowing a wheelchair user to easily roll in. They will also have handrails and may offer other amenities to make them easier to use.

Although you may have only ever seen one type of portable toilet, there are many different types to choose from. Picking the right one for your venue will depend on both your budget and your expected guest list. If you need help deciding, sanitation experts like Walters Portable Toilets can help you weigh the various costs and benefits of each available choice.

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Simple Furnace Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

If you own your own home and you use a furnace to heat it in cooler months, taking the time to do maintenance during the summer will allow you time to make repairs if they are necessary. Many people opt to have a furnace maintenance service come to their home to check out their furnace before it is needed for the cold season. If you are handy with mechanical items and you limited with the funds you can pay out, you may be able to do some maintenance steps on your own in an attempt to prepare your furnace for use. Here are some maintenance steps to do to your own furnace.

Take Safety Precautions

Before you start evaluating your furnace, turn it off so it does not turn on while you are doing your maintenance. Most furnaces will have a red-colored switch plate located on the wall behind it. Simply switch it to the off position. If you cannot find this switch plate, turn your furnace off by shutting off the power at your breaker box.

Clean Out Last Season’s Ashes

The combustion chamber is located behind a small door in the front of your furnace. It is the area where fuel and flame ignite to heat the air that is forced through the ducts to your heating vents. Clean this out completely to help keep the burners unobstructed from debris. Open the door and use a small wire brush to scrape any charred remains from the interior walls and ceiling of the combustion chamber. Remove this debris with a vacuum cleaner attachment. Take a look at the burners to make sure there are no pieces of soot embedded within. If you notice any, use an air compressor to help blow debris away.

Change Out Filters

Replace the air filter in your furnace each season so air can flow through without restriction. Having a clogged air filter will compromise the efficiency of your heating, making your furnace stay on longer to heat up your home. This will add extra wear and tear to your furnace as a result. An air filter can be replaced by sliding it out of the groove it sits within and sliding a new one in its place. Look for an air filter that helps remove allergens from the air for the best air quality possible. If you use oil for your heating source, switching out the oil filter should be done at this time as well. Turn off the oil valve, loosen the filter and place a new one in its place.

Check for Wearing

Take a look at your heating belt to see if it appears to be smooth instead of with cracks or rips within the rubber. If you notice any decaying portions, replace the belt with a new one. This is an inexpensive part that you can pick up from your furnace repair supplier or in a home goods store. Check the vent pipe for any cracks where air is escaping. If you see spots where heat is escaping before it makes its way to heating vents, they can be repaired by using foil tape to cover the gaps.

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Choosing The Right Vanity And Sink For Your Bathroom

If you are going to be remodeling your bathroom, you want to make sure you choose the right bathtub, toilet, paint, flooring and vanity and sink. Everything should bring the entire look of your bathroom together while offering you the functionality you want. You can take the advice in this article into consideration when you are choosing the best vanity and sink for your bathroom. 

Consider the material

You should choose a vanity that is made out of solid wood. Stay away from anything that has parts made out of particle board. A vanity with particle board will be a bad combination in your bathroom. Your bathroom vanity will be at a fairly high risk of getting wet. Your plumbing may leak, your toilet can overflow or your sink can overflow. All these things can cause a vanity made of particle board to swell and become permanently damaged.  

For the countertop, you want to go with a strong material that’s easy to clean. If you are going for an elegant, sleek look in the bathroom, granite may be the right choice. However, tile is the most common choice for bathroom counters that offers durability and easy maintenance. Quartzite is another good option. It’s also durable and easy to maintain. Although it is a bit easier to scratch, the scratches can be easily buffed out.

Choose the right sink

If you are going to have a long vanity, it may be a good idea for you to go with one that features both a “his” and “hers” sink. Going with two sinks can be very convenient in the morning when you and your spouse are trying to get ready for your day. Not only will it make your morning easier, but having dual sinks will also be an added selling point if you ever put your house on the market.

Choose a sink (or sinks) that are a good size. Small sinks can become an irritation when you decide to use them to wash your hair in. The faucets should complement the faucet you have in your shower. They should be made of porcelain or metal, rather than plastic which will break easily.

Having your vanity and sink installed

You should consider having a professional plumber (such as one from Bob’s Plumbing & Heating) install your vanity and sink. While it may be a job you can do yourself in a few days, a plumber will be able to install everything quickly so you can get your bathroom up and running right away.

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Central Air Conditioning May Increase Your Productivity at Home

Hesitating to get your central air conditioner repaired? Does the appliance seem more like a luxury than a necessity, and a repair bill like a waste of money? This might be the case for some individuals, but consider whether anyone in your household needs to do tasks such as working in a home office or studying for school. Optimum temperatures increase productivity.

Optimum Temperatures

Perhaps one reason you’re hesitant to get the central air fixed is because your electric bills are noticeably higher during the months you run it. Instead of going without AC, consider setting the temperature on the thermostat a bit higher than you might previously have done.

A study by Cornell University found that raising an office temperature from 68 degrees to 77 degrees Fahrenheit was connected with dramatically increased productivity among the workers. Another study, this one from Japan, found that office worker productivity dropped by 2 percent for every degree in temperature above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This combination of research suggests 77 may be the best temperature for worker productivity. If you live in a region with very warm weather during certain months of the year, it can be nearly impossible to maintain that temperature level inside. 

The US Department of Energy recommends setting the thermostat to 78 degrees during the warm months when people are home. When nobody’s going to be around for several hours, set the temperature higher. You’ll experience utility bill savings compared with when you leave the AC set at 73 or 75 degrees all the time. 

Humidity Control

If you live in a climate where humidity is a problem, another advantage of central air is humidity control. The US Environmental Protection Agency notes that optimum indoor relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent. You can buy a dehumidifier, but capacity is limited in these products, and it likely won’t solve the humidity problem in the entire house. 

Being Productive

There’s a good reason that many regions in the hotter parts of the world became known for having afternoon siestas. The tradition is particularly associated with Portugal, Spain, and Latin America. Without air conditioning, it simply became too uncomfortable to work effectively, so people went home and took naps. In fact, the siesta tradition continues in many countries, mainly in non-urban areas.

If you or other people in your household need to get work-related or school projects accomplished during hot weather, getting your central air up and running again will make their tasks easier. Contact an air conditioning service such as Kook & Son Inc to describe the issue with your appliance and get estimates on repair.

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Options For Home Water Filtration

Because water is essential to life, it is important to make sure that the water that you drink is properly cleaned. Tap water can contain chemicals, sediment, and other harmful substances that can make the water taste bad and look cloudy. There are a number of different water filters that you can use to make sure that your water is the best quality water possible. These different filters range in price and effectiveness but they are all better than not having any kind of filter. Below are some of the filters that you can invest in to make your water better.

1. Whole Home Filtration System. A whole home water filtration system, just as the name suggests, is a filter that sends clean and filtered water to every faucet of your home. This is because the water filter is installed by the main water line so that all the water coming into the home is filtered. This is great for homes that have water that is especially dirty. This will balance the PH level of the water and clean out much of the contaminants. This is the most expensive option for a filter but it also purifies all of the water.

2. Under the Sink Filter. Another great option is to purchase an under the sink water filter. This will filter the water that comes out of a specific faucet. These are pretty easy to install but can make your drinking water taste and look better. These are less expensive than a whole home filtration system but they still do a great job if you are just looking to filter your drinking water for one specific faucet.

3. Faucet-Mounted Filter. A faucet-mounted filter is installed directly onto the faucet. These can sometimes be large and unsightly, nevertheless, they are a great way to get clean tap water. This is one of the least expensive options but can give you 100 gallons of clean water before the filter needs to be replaced.

4. Water Pitcher Filter. A water pitcher filter is where a filter is placed on top of a pitcher of water. As you fill the pitcher, the water is filtered through. The pitcher can then be placed into the fridge to keep cool. This is the least expensive of all options but can take a little bit more work to get filtered water as you must consistently fill the filter.

These are a few of the ways that you can get good tasting and clean water in your home. Each of these filters offers pros and cons but all will get you clean water. 

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3 Ways To Locate Your Septic Cover

Your septic system is an integral component of your home. Without it, there would be no place for your waste to go. However, it isn’t always easy to find the septic system in your home, especially if you recently moved to a new location. While some real estate professionals will provide you with the location, others don’t. Don’t wait until you have a problem before you find out where the septic system is located. Here are a few ways you can find your septic cover.

Consider that Your Board of Health might know.

The city will have a drawing on file outlining your property layout. This layout will include the location of the septic system. Ask the Board of Health for copies of these records so the septic specialist can locate your septic cover quickly and easily. Not only will this save you time, but it will also save you a lot of money in labor costs.

Locate the sewage outlet.

Look in your crawl space or basement of your home for the pipe leading to the sewage outlet. Pay close attention to where the pipe is located inside of your home. Head outside to try and figure out where the pipe comes out of your home. The location will usually be at least 10 feet away from your house’s foundation. In following the pipe, you should be able to find your septic cover. Don’t open it on your own. A sewer cleaning professional should do it. The last thing you want is a large open hole in your yard that someone could end up falling into.

Talk to the landscaper.

For those who recently had their home built, you could always ask the landscaper if they know where the septic cover is. At one point, they probably noticed it when they were out in the yard and getting everything ready for you to move in. If the landscaper doesn’t know, you could always turn to the building contractor or plumber and see if they know where it is located. Contractors and plumbers have to know this information to make sure they don’t disturb the tank and drain field when building your new home. If a plumber doesn’t know, he or she can still find the location by snaking an electronic signal through your pipes. The path of the signal will lead you both to the correct pipe.

Even though you might not worry about your septic system much, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know where it is located. The last thing you want is for your system to back up on you and you be stuck trying to figure out where the tank is located to get a septic cleaning service in there to do their job. Save yourself a lot of time and money in finding out ahead of time.

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Answering Two Routine Questions Homeowners Often Need Answered

On most days, there is a strong chance that you will seldom think of your home’s plumbing system. However, these systems can be a source of numerous problems ranging from clogs to water and power inefficiencies. For new homeowners, addressing these problems can be somewhat problematic because they may lack much of the information they need. After having these two questions answered, you will be better prepared to consider upgrades to your system and avoid problems with your garbage disposal. 

What Are Some Green Upgrades That Can Be Made To The Plumbing System?

Your plumbing system can have numerous problems that can be a drain on energy and water efficiency. However, there are some upgrades that you can make to help address these issues. One of the most effective ways of improving the energy efficiency of your plumbing system is by using renewable power for your water heater. In particular, solar power is a common choice because of its affordability and reliability. 

Another upgrade that can be made is a water reclamation system. These systems will filter much of the non-septic waste water from your home for use around the yard. While these systems are expensive, they can dramatically lower the amount of water you will need for your yard, and these savings on your water bill can help to offset the cost of making this upgrade. 

What Problems Are Caused By Scale In The Water Heater?

Over the course of time, mineral deposits will form a thick layer of scale on the interior of your water heater. This scale will insulate the heating elements in the water heater, which will drastically lower its efficiency. As time passes, this problem will worsen and the water heater will have to work much harder to heat the same amount of water, which can lead to excessive wear and tear. Unfortunately, some homeowners assume there is little to be done for this problem, but this is not exactly the case. 

Removing excess minerals from the water coming into your home is possible with the use of a water softener. These filtration systems are installed on the primary water line coming into your home, and they are highly effective at removing any excess minerals before they can cause damage to your plumbing fixtures, appliances and pipes. 

Understanding your home’s plumbing is a critical task if you are wanting to be a responsible homeowner, but it is easy for new homeowners to feel overwhelmed by the number of potential problems and upgrades for their plumbing systems. After learning about some green upgrades that you can have done as well as the dangers and solutions posed by scale in the water heater, you will be better able to make decisions for getting the most from your plumbing.

To learn more, contact a plumbing repair company like Eddie B Plumbing

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